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J.P. Patches: Last Night at the City Dump (with Pat Cashman)

Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle! ... Er ...
I mean Hey Patches Pals!
Look who beat out everybody for Best Mayor!

You can read the full Seattle Times story by Jack Broom,
Originally published September 17, 2011 by clicking here.

J.P. Patches Last Public Performance (Highlights)
J.P. Patches Last Public Performance
September 17, 2011

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Take a tour with J.P. Patches of his Original Queen Anne TV Home in Seattle
KOMO's Mary Nam interviews J.P. and (gently) insults Kathi Goertzen. - 2008
John Sparling Interviews Northwest Icon JP Patches - 1/22/08
An Evening with JP Patches
With your host ... Pat Cashman.

J.P. sat down with author Bryan Johnston before a live audience at the Museum of History and Industry for a far-ranging conversation about the life and career of Seattle's most famous TV clown.

The J.P. Patches & Gertrude Statue Unveiling!
August 17, 2008
The Grand Unveiling as covered by The City Dump Gazette
Roslyn Coal Miner Days
September 3, 2006
4th of July in Kingston
July 4, 2006
Bellevue Strawberry Festival
June 25, 2005
Yakima Fruit Market
October 15, 2005
Seattle Aquarium
October 29, 2005
"Who, when he saw the first sand or ashes, by a casual intenseness of heat, melted into a metalline form, rugged with excrescences, and clouded with impurities, would have imagined, that in this shapeless mass would turn into smething useful like a glass? Neat huh? I mean without glasses we couldn't see or have anything to put Kool-Aid in!

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