Official Patches Pal License Plate[email protected]
Artwork Not Final

**UPDATE 9/22/2017**

Good news, Patches Pals! We have now cleared two of the major requirements in the process to make the Patches Pals Washington State special license plate a reality. After raising the start-up costs and the required 3,500 signatures, our next step is to find a legislative sponsor so that we can submit the final design to the Washington State Department of Licensing for approval.

Those who grew up in the Pacific Northwest know how beloved and significant J.P. Patches and Gertrude were to our culture. Played by Chris Wedes and Bob Newman, they created one of the longest running children’s television shows in American history (1958 – 1981) and were an important part of the fabric of our community for decades after. In order to commemorate and pay tribute to their legacy, we’re working to galvanize the community to support the creation of a Patches Pals Washington State special license plate.


Proceeds from the plates will benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital Strong Against Cancer program, a philanthropic initiative with worldwide implications for potentially curing childhood cancers through immunotherapy treatments.

The special J.P. Patches plate needs at least 3,500 signatures from Washington state residents in order to be considered by the Department of Licensing.

Please help further J.P. and Gertrude’s mission of bringing healing into children’s lives by signing the online petition and committing to a Patches Pals Special Plate!

Seattle Children’s and J.P. Patches have a long history together going back to the early 1960’s. J.P. & Gertrude often visited the hospital, entertaining patients, families, and staff. During the 1970’s, J.P. and friends made a significant donation to the hospital, funding the J.P. Patches Playroom. The J.P. and Gertrude statue, located in Fremont, also generated a significant gift for Seattle Children’s at the behest of Chris Wedes and his wife, Joanie.

Over time, it is expected that the special J.P. Patches license plate could raise as much as $250,000 or more for cancer immunotherapy research at Seattle Children’s. Immunotherapy is a groundbreaking new treatment that harnesses the power of a patient’s immune system in order to seek and destroy cancer cells, limiting the need for toxic treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.



Before the Department of Licensing (DOL) considers the J.P. Patches Pals plate series, they require at least 3,500 intended license plate purchases.

Filling out this form indicates your intent to purchase these plates, if they become available.

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