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Those of you who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and surrounding areas know how beloved and iconic J.P. Patches and Gertrude were to our culture.

Played by Chris Wedes and Bob Newman, they created one of the longest running children’s television shows in American history, and were part of the fabric of our community for decades after the show ended.

J.P. Patches served as a mentor and a friend to thousands of people over three generations!

We are creating a Patches Pals Washington State Special License Plate to commemorate and pay tribute to the indelible impact and legacy J.P. and Gertrude left after decades of tireless giving.

We need a minimum of 3,500 signatures of people who intend to purchase a plate to start the application process, and we will also need the assistance of someone in the Washington State Legislature who is willing to sponsor the legislation.


The net proceeds from the plates will benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital, an organization that was very dear to both of them.

Let’s further JP and Gertrude’s mission for bringing healing into children’s lives by making the Patches Pals Special Plate a reality!

In addition to the signatures, The Department of Licensing requires $8000 to start the application process and to cover the costs of entering these new plates into the Washington Department of Licensing system.

We are raising the funds through Seattle Children’s Hospital. All proceeds from this fundraising campaign go directly to Seattle Children’s and are tax-deductible. These proceeds are ONLY for the Patches Pals special plates application process and not for the actual plates. Please consider donating anything you can to help make the Patches Pals Washington State License Plate a reality. Every little bit helps! Thanks!

After you have submitted the form, there will be a link to the fundraiser or, if you’ve already done so, Click here to Donate



Before the Department of Licensing (DOL) considers the J.P. Patches Pals plate series, they require at least 3,500 intended license plate purchases.

Filling out this form indicates your intent to purchase these plates, if they become available.

When the special plates are available the information on this signature sheet may be used to notify you. Your information will not be used for any other purpose.
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