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It's a petition to change 34th St. in Fremont to Patches Place. From the website:

Chris Wedes, the man behind the beloved Seattle character, J.P. Patches, passed away on Sunday, July 22nd. Although a bronze sculpture was recently placed on this same street, we Patches Pals want more. Renaming 34th St. would be perfect, because it leads to one of the city's dumps, and every Patches Pal knows that J.P. was the mayor of the city dump.

Before you get started there a few things you need to know ... There are audio and video clips all over the place.

When you see the "Chief Moon Ray" TV test pattern on the ICU2-TV, click start. Then you'll be shocked, stunned, and amazed at how we crammed all that video down to your monitor.

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Click the   to listen to the audio clips (which includes recent commentary by Chris Wedes and Bob Newman). This one features Esmerelda.

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Hey Patches Pals ... Click "Start" on the ICU2-TV to see a classic Flicks commercial starring Chris Wedes as Flick-Man!

Flicks, the  candy of the J.P. Patches website, has an interesting history. Find out more Fabulous Fun Filled Flick-Facts by clicking here.

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You might see this billboard if you're driving off I-5 near Sumner.

"Who, when he saw the first sand or ashes, by a casual intenseness of heat, melted into a metalline form, rugged with excrescences, and clouded with impurities, would have imagined, that in this shapeless mass would turn into smething useful like a glass? Neat huh? I mean without glasses we couldn't see or have anything to put Kool-Aid in!

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